Fees and Insurance Information


Fees for the following procedures are as follows:

  • Initial Psychodiagnostic Interview (CPT Code 90791): $200.00
  • Standard 45 minute Psychotherapy Session (CPT Code 90834): $150.00
  • When it is clinically appropriate and feasible, extended sessions (60 minutes) may be utilized. This is most likely done during exposure exercises. These sessions are either pre-planned, or if during an initially-scheduled standard session and time permits, I will ask you prior to the end of the 45 minute time period if you are willing and able to participate in an extended session. These sessions are given a CPT code of 90837, and billed at $200.00
  • On relatively rare occasion, there may be a reason to have a shorter (30 minute) session. These receive a CPT Code of 90832 and are billed at $100.00

I do not accept insurance assignment with the exception of Medicare and a few specific contracts. This means that for other than the above exceptions, payment is expected at the time of service. Your claims can then be submitted to your insurance company and they will reimburse you directly on an “out of network” fee schedule provided that you have out of network benefits. Please be aware that I cannot guarantee that my services will be covered, as insurance plans differ widely, even within the same company. I strongly suggest that you contact your insurance carrier prior to your first appointment to find out about your coverage.

If you do not have insurance or if your insurance does not cover my services, I will try to work with you to schedule sessions with the frequency that you can afford provided that I believe that your treatment can still be therapeutically effective.

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