Group Therapy

What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a shared therapeutic experience which includes the presence of others who are working through similar issues. Group Therapy can focus on interpersonal relationships or on particular concerns shared by the group members. Group therapy is offered to help you reach your specific therapeutic goals. There are generally two key components to a group: "psychoeducation" and "processing".

Essentially, the psychoeducational component to a group is focused on providing you with information about specific topics in order to give you additional resources or information. This part of the group tends to be more structured and informative. Generally, you will be provided with specific topics or modules to discuss and learn about. The intention is to provide you with more information about the topic at hand.

The "processing" component of group work focuses on the experience of being in a group itself, healing and "thinking outloud" on the topic. For example, the process of expressing your thoughts, feelings, and experiences in the group, "in the here and now" can be the very vehicle by which you discover change. This can be an invaluable opportunity to learn from and share with others "in the same boat" as you.

Forgiveness Therapy Groups, Stress Groups and Anxiety Groups are composed of both of these parts to maximize the therapeutic benefit. Our first segment will consist of a didactic learning experience on the topic. The latest research will be discussed, attendees will complete a number of exercises and will actively learn how to achieve their therapeutic goals. This segment of the therapy will feel more like a tutorial or class in school.

Our second segment will be focused on experiencing the therapy. Rather than just "thinking" about our topic and exercising cognitive powers, participants will be "feeling" their experience and those of the other attendees. It is important to state here that no one is required to share or verbalize anything at any time. Participants can speak or not, depending on their level of comfort. All participants will be required to review and sign a code of conduct that emphasizes the confidentiality of being in a group therapeutic experience, the freedom to express or withhold thoughts and feelings, and the expectation of the exchange of common courtesies in the group.

Questions? Feel free to call Ms. Bennett for more information: 908-902-3161

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