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Hours are by appointment only. I will do my best to accommodate you regarding a therapeutically effective frequency of visits, however there are some time-periods (especially evenings) where I may be heavily-booked and so weekly appointments may not always be available.

An initial consultation is typically 1 hour in length and the fee for this is $200.00. The "standard" psychotherapy session is 45 minutes in length and the fee for this is $150.00. On occasion, if it is clinically appropriate and feasible, extended sessions (60 minutes) may be utilized. This is most likely done during exposure exercises. The duration of these extended sessions is often pre-planned in a collaborative manner. However, sometimes during an initially-scheduled standard session, I may form the opinion that an extended session would be beneficial. If this occurs and my schedule permits, I will ask you prior to the end of the 45 minute time period if you are willing and able to participate in an extended session. The fee for these sessions is $200.00. On relatively rare occasions, there may be a reason to have a shorter (30 minute) session. These sessions are billed at $100.00.

Sessions are considered to begin at the scheduled time, and session duration is calculated on this basis. If you arrive for a session after the scheduled start, you will be seen for the duration of your time-slot, but extra time cannot be allotted at the end of your scheduled time. However, if a session begins after the scheduled time because I was running behind schedule, session duration will be calculated based on when the face-to-face contact was initiated, and the end-time of the session will be adjusted accordingly. Similarly, in the rare instance when I need to take a telephone call during a session that is not related to your treatment, the end-time of the session will be adjusted to compensate for the time spent on the telephone.

Telephone calls are generally taken by voice-mail, since when I am in session I do not take calls unless it is an urgent matter that cannot be effectively handled at another time. If you leave a message, I will make every effort to get back to you within a reasonable amount of time. However, please be aware that due to my schedule and the volume of calls, in some instances this may take more than one business day. In case of emergency, dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency room ASAP.

I do not accept insurance assignment with the exception of Medicare and a few specific contracts. This means that for other than the above exceptions, payment is expected at the time of service. Your claims can then be submitted to your insurance company and they will reimburse you directly on an “out of network” fee schedule provided that you have out of network benefits. Please be aware that I cannot guarantee that my services will be covered, as insurance plans differ widely, even within the same company. I strongly suggest that you contact your insurance carrier prior to your first appointment to find out about your coverage.

If you do not have insurance or if your insurance does not cover my services, I will try to work with you to schedule sessions with the frequency that you can afford provided that I believe that your treatment can still be therapeutically effective.

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment. It is customary for many practitioners to hold clients responsible for the complete cost of the session when shorter notice is given or if an appointment is failed. I have been flexible regarding this policy because I understand that unanticipated situations do occur. However, sessions cancelled on short notice or failed not only means unfilled time for me, but it also may mean that someone who could have used the time-slot had to be put-off. In order to come up with a policy that I believe is fair, late cancellations and failed appointments will be assessed a $25.00 fee regardless of the reason. This charge cannot be submitted for insurance reimbursement and is the responsibility of the client.

Information related to your treatment is confidential, and cannot be released to outside agencies unless specifically authorized by you. However, there are some exceptions to the confidentiality guidelines, in that I am required to break confidentiality if I believe that you are an imminent danger to yourself or others, or if I suspect abuse of a child, an elderly person or an individual who otherwise cannot advocate for themselves. If there are legal or litigation issues, your records may be subpoenaed. Also, your insurance company may have some limited access to your information. A HIPAA handout will be given to you and discussed at the time of your first appointment which will provide more detailed information regarding your right to confidentiality.

Please feel free to ask any questions about your treatment, and you are encouraged to do so. You are free to withdraw from treatment at any time, and I will assist you with a referral to another professional if you so choose.

Psychological treatment can, at times trigger intense feelings or psychological discomfort. Furthermore, issues may surface during treatment that neither you nor I had anticipated. Should this occur, I will make every reasonable effort to support you and guide you through these periods. I may also refer you to additional qualified professionals should I believe this to be indicated.

Treatment is a collaborative effort. I am responsible for providing you with appropriate psychological interventions and information to address your presenting problem(s). You are responsible for making your best effort to follow-through with treatment recommendations. Your active participation is a major factor affecting eventual treatment outcomes.

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